Shopping around according to price…

Greetings lovely people!

So a common theme that we experience in the shop is one where potential clients come in  to inquire about how much a tattoo will cost, even before they’ve finalised the design they want or where they want it etc.  Some folks even go so far as to advise that “a friend got something similar for such and such a price”.

Tattoos are a luxury item.  No one really “needs” a tattoo.  It’s purely a want, similar to designer shoes or technological items.  The fundamental difference is that this artwork is going on your body and it will be there for life.  Call me old-fashioned,but surely, for something you’re putting onto your body permanently, you ought to be driven more by the quality of the end result instead of the price alone?!

Think about it, would you “price shop” your dentist or doctor?  What about a simple cup of coffee?  People seem perfectly happy to part with a chunk of change for a decent coffee but they don’t go into a cafe and ask if the owner will accept a lower price for their product.

The thing is, no tattoo studio can charge any more than the market will bear.  Most professional studios in Wellington NZ have very similar price structures.  Different artists can charge a premium according to their skill, with some able to command fairly lofty incomes from their efforts.  However, if the tattooist is lacking in their ability to tattoo in any way, they will very quickly find their clientele dries up.

So when folks come in wanting to haggle over price, it makes things awkward.  No true professional in this industry is in the game to make a quick buck and is seeking to rip off each and every customer that walks into their shop.  The world just doesn’t work that way.

If you find yourself in desperate want of a tattoo, make sure you’ve got the funds to cover it.  Research your artist, research your preferred studio.  Put a value on what your experience is worth.  Also consider what it might cost to fix up or even cover up a crap tattoo.

It can be hard in this microwave society, where we expect to have all of our wants and needs met immediately, if not sooner!  But a tattoo is not something you should rush into and you should make sure your investment in body art is going to be worthwhile.

Happy days.