Tattoo artists

Hannah Bartle

Hannah has an honours degree in design from Massey and it sets her apart from every other artist that has come through this studio to date. She can actually draw without the aid of technological supports, and she does so incredibly well and very quickly.

In just a few months she has built a large clientele that seek out her quirky design elements coupled with her eagerness to listen to and accommodate her clients’ requirements with intelligence and kindness.

She has had exposure to most tattoo styles in the year she’s been in the studio and the speed with which she’s mastered those styles (thanks in part to our fabulous regular customer base), has been nothing short of phenomenal.

While she’s happy to work in styles including black-work, fine-line, colour (incl. packing), all styles of shading, script and even freehand, Hannah would like to hone her “tiny realism” skills and make that her main style of choice.


Yan Heere

Yan has a Bachelor’s degree in Design and Visual Art – Graphic Design and Animation and is an incredibly talented artist with a real flair for photo realism and neo-traditional styles.

Her art is simply breath-taking with many of her pieces adorning the studio. She’s as comfortable with traditional drawing tools such as pen and pencil, but her incredible imagination is able to run riot with an IPad and accompanying apps.

She has a burgeoning customer base that adores her meticulous attention to quality and detail, but especially her speediness. She can do most tattoo styles very well despite being a relative newcomer to the tattoo industry. Her ability to hear her clients and work with them to achieve consistently outstanding results makes her an incredible asset to our studio.