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No Shows

In the past week we’ve had 3 no shows (for the uninitiated, a no show is when a customer makes an appointment but fails to turn up) and it’s a constant source of frustration for the studio.

It’s annoying that people can behave with such disregard for others when they would be rightly upset and annoyed if the roles were reversed and the artist just didn’t turn up for their appointment.

Not calling/messaging/emailing/smoke signals/carrier pigeon  to advise you’re not going to make your appointment is a really big no no.  It’s just plain rude.  We totally get it that sometimes shit happens and you’re just not able to make it, but a bit of communication goes a really long way in this business.

Artists have lives to lead with all the daily expenses that that entails.  They are only paid for the work that they complete, so a no show has a profound, immediate impact on their income.  It’s often too late to find a replacement customer to fill that slot with no notice, so the more notice that can be given about a customer’s change in circumstances, the better.

So remember your manners people.  Treat others how you would expect to be treated and we can all help make this existence that much more rewarding for all of us ; )

A Tattoo Studio Blog…


So, we’ve been researching websites and social media pages, looking at what’s out there and what the public wants or expects from such.  We’ve decided to do away with adding images of tattoos to our website as it’s far easier and more efficient to direct users to the appropriate links that showcase each artists work as they would like it to be shown.

We will showcase the talent of the many and varied artists who display and sell their wares in our studio.  Particularly as we run specific events across the year, highlighting such talents.

More importantly, we will be regularly blogging to this site, to keep anyone who might be interested, abreast of what’s going on, interesting tid-bits of info that might be relevant to the business and our customers, as well as crazy and weird stuff that we like and/or want to share with a broader audience.

Stay tuned and feel free to share info and insights along the way!